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Because You Don't Know

What You Don't Know

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What is a Solopreneur?

A person who sets up and runs a business on their own and has no intention of growing it to sell. 

A solopreneur enjoys great freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing how, when and where to work. You’re the one in control— of everything.  This flexibility makes the solopreneur life a good fit for people with family responsibilities that don’t fit into a typical 9-to-5 workday, people who prefer to work non-traditional workdays or workweek hours, and those who may just love being in control. 

But most importantly, living in the internet; digital on-line age; it’s easier than ever to make a ton of money as a Solopreneur!

You can be very successful using this book as a guide.  I've done all the leg work for you! If you follow the Pro Tips and other valuable information in this Solopreneur Tool Kit you'll be well on your way!

My story? 


Since learning that my gifts and talents are to be “used or loosed”, I’ve been creating ways to make money using all of my talents. In doing so, I’ve been a Solopreneur for over 30 years!! In addition to my Solopreneur efforts I’ve also been blessed to have had a 28+ year Corporate career. You could say that I'm  “double-dipping”, LOL. I have my money, their money and other people’s money but I work hard for it. Some years ago I took the leap from Corporate America and became a full time Home based Solopreneur. I'm sharing with you all the lessons I've learned.


Here’s a list of some of the Solopreneur businesses I’ve created, developed and managed throughout the years.


  • Fine Artist (selling my original artwork)

  • Graphic Inspirations, LLC – On-line store selling Inspirational products

  • M3 Portraits – I sold illustrations of peoples’ pets through a website

  • M3 Graphic and Printing Consultants – Current consulting business

  • The Confidence Trifecta, LLC – Current Life Strategy company

  • Above 701 – credit repair service (under the Trifecta Money Management Pillar)


Buying this book is going to save you so much TIME and MONEY!


You’ve already taken the most important step; downloading this Tool Kit with all the tools you need to get started.


You can imagine that I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error before finally learning all the most important lessons when starting a small on-line business. I decided to develop this Solopreneur Tool Kit to help others to successfully start their home based on-line small business while avoiding all of the hard learned lessons I had to endure. As an added bonus, at the end of each section I tell you how I use the tool in my businesses.


One final thing. The World is waiting for your gifts and talents. Let’s get you started using them!


All the best,


You Will Have Tools To


Use Instagram &

Facebook to increase engagement


Create your brand so that you are immediately recognized 


Design marketing materials that drive sales to your ideal customer

What People Are Saying

Melody was right! There was so much that I didn't know!! - Don't hesitate to get this book. You'll save time and money!

Samantha, CA

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  • Personal Branding 101

  • 12 Steps for Social Media Branding

  • Ideal Customer Profile Workbook

  • Social Media Strategy Template

  • Social Media Content Calendar

  • 5 Step Guide to Video

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